Austin Texas Modern Farmhouse is a Dream

There has been a switch in the term “farmhouse”.

Some folks still think that the farmhouse is dull and old-fashioned.

But not with this Austin Texas Modern Farmhouse.

It is stylish and luxurious.

The designer of this house adds the modern components to the property without compromising the accents of the farmhouse style.

You can have that proof by looking at its fantastic shiplap on the walls.

It comes with one astonishing bedroom and one full bathroom with a modern style that won’t make you down all the time.

As you enter the house, there are many interesting things which can welcome you.

I’d like to emphasize the wide porch first which is pretty smartly designed.

It comes with enough space for a few chairs to host your guests and a small table for tea time or gathering.

There is also available space where you can add plants, action figures, or other miscellaneous to personalize your house.

The double doors keep the ventilation system awesome. But more importantly, it boasts a living space with plenty of room to enjoy.

On one side, you can sit on your comfy chairs, the other side has plenty of space for your creativity.

Book a full house tour now to see more interesting stuff there.

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