Tiny Hanging Sphere Tree Houses

Tiny Hanging Sphere treehouse is one of the most unique looking treehouses available out there as of now.

This treehouse is made with a fiberglass sphere. The sphere is painted with vibrant yellow color.

Hence, you can call it an eye-catching treehouse. You will be able to go to the treehouse from a small bride.

Even though the exterior of this treehouse looks like a sphere, you will be able to discover a well-organized space in the interiors.

For example, you can find bench seats just under the large windows.

Moreover, you can find two different folding tables, which you can use as workstations.

There is a murphy bed inside the sphere treehouse, which offers sleeping space for two individuals.

There are adjustable lighting and accent cupboards that can deliver a comfortable living space.

This is complemented with the adjustable thermostat that is connected to the wall.

You will be able to take your own electronic device and get the entertainment needs catered while spending your time in this treehouse.

It is a perfect space available for anyone to relax and enjoy a luxurious stay with uniqueness.

For more information visit the Exploring Alternatives’s Youtube channel.

Learn more about the designers of these treehouses on Free Spirit Spheres.

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