You’ll Love This 235-Square-Foot Tiny House

The Saule Tiny House is about 235 square ft. It is a tiny house residing on the wheel.

This fantastic house is the craft of Minimaliste, a renowned Canadian tiny homes company.

Saule Tiny House is one amongst their best creations.

It is a bit smaller compared to other houses produced by the company.

But the builder has claimed that it is one of their best creations.

The good thing about this tiny home is that the builder made it possible for the homeowners to make the necessary upgrade.

You can also easily configure the house to maximize its basic function.

The builder has done their homework to maximize such minimum space with maximum performance.

It is incredible how this little space can offer many things for the occupants.

The living room can have small desks, cabinets, and drawers. You can arrange the workspace as well in the available space.

Then there’s one functional kitchen with propane heater, propane oven, as well as the fridge.

It is a great thing if you tend to make everything from your kitchen. Pantry is behind the ladder.

You can easily find a bathroom which doubles as a laundry room below the loft. It has shower for your good bathing experience.

Besides the queen beds in the loft, there’s also another bed in the cozy tiny house for your guest.

For more information about this tiny house visit visit Minimaliste online.

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