Wonderful Tiny House by Rewild Homes

Calliope is a 28’ single story home featuring a main floor bed and smart home system. Its exterior has red cedar skirt paint and gray tin.

The drop-down deck is designed with fold-out stairs including a lift-assist awning to offer shelter.

This home has derived its name after Calliope a hummingbird. Its interiors are provided with vibrant colors. Its 5’ wide inbuilt desk with HDMI port and ceiling-based project mount is a wonderful WFH solution.

The dining area has a table and two benches, sliding out from beneath. Storage space is created under the desk as well as the stairs. A pet nook is also constructed under the stair.

A pull-out guest bed can be found in the raised-galley kitchen room. Raspberry-stained upper cabinets, copper finishes and fixtures, royal blue cabinets and granite countertops are part of the kitchen.

Appliances offered with the tiny home include propane range, propane on-demand water heater, full-size refrigerator, dishwasher and combo dryer/washer.

The Calliope is designed with on-board water tanks, a composting toilet and a full solar system.

It has a stylishly built bathroom having a skylight, copper vessel sink and black finishes.

Learn more information about this tiny house on Rewild Homes website.

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