Venom Tiny House by Incredible Tiny Homes

This tiny house has a unique personality. It is called Venom and was created by Incredible Tiny Homes.

It combines four rooflines and some unique angles to stand out as a tiny home. It has a very contemporary appearance with wood and metal, unique roof lines and high windows.

It measures 8′ x 24′ which is approximately 192 square feet.

You also get a Pioneer Inverter Ultra High-Efficiency Heat Pump with this unique tiny house.

The kitchen has a farmhouse sink with unique angles. The sink also has been placed at a weird angle, which adds to the unique angle vibe of the house.

Because of the unique placement of the sink, there is a lot more room on the work station to cook.

This tiny house is full of unique angles.

Like in the loft, where the back wall is flat but protrudes outward in three panels below the flat area.

This gives the living space a very interesting look and shape.

This unique tiny home has vinyl hopper windows. This house gets its modern appearance from the horizontal and vertical orientation of its windows.

The kitchen has a freezer and a fridge and a lot of counter space. This unique tiny house also has space for a bathtub.

For more information about this tiny house visit Incredible Tiny Homes website.

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