Tiny House, Big Kitchen by Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom is well known for its creative ideas and coming up with great-looking, comfortable modern homes. The thirty feet gooseneck tiny house is built to accommodate a family of five.

It has a spacious playroom dedicated to the young boys along with a large kitchen to prepare varieties of delicious meals.

The interior is provided with a European style with metals and woods, including a sophisticated, sleek finish. The kitchen is quite spacious being about 14 ft. long.

It is provided with a beautiful walnut slab countertop, upper cabinets, refrigerator, oven and Furion propane cooktop.

A netted bridge connects the 2 bedroom lofts, thereby providing the children with lots of fun passageway. They can enjoy moving between the lofts to have a great time and not have to go down or up the stairs or ladders.

The bathroom is provided with a composting toilet, combo dryer/washer and a vessel sink.

There are also constructed some shelves in-between the bathroom and the kitchen to offer additional storage space.

This home was featured in Tiny Luxury, DIY Network, Episode 10, Season 2 and was a huge hit among viewers.

For more information about this tiny house visit Tiny Heirloom.