This Incredible Tiny House Will Surprise You

It is a sturdy and strong 20-foot tiny house which is designed to withstand all of the challenges out there.

According to MitchCraft Tiny Homes, the creator of this custom tiny house, this was built purposely for living in four seasons.

That explains why the insulation level of this house is amazing.

Moreover, N.O.A.H. certification granted for this house. Some people might not want to be bothered by the routine maintenance.

They just want to have a tough house with low maintenance and great sturdiness. This house really presents what they really need.

The insulation is everywhere. In the front door, the fiberglass Therma-tru is applied. There’s a Velux skylight.

The windows? They are made of premium levels of vinyl!

By looking at the insulation factors, we can conclude that it is not the same as a regular tiny house that we’ve seen so far.

The flooring is fortified with the waterproof vinyl plank.

The builder used custom maple cabinetry in the kitchen. You will see the kitchen standing still after many years in the future. The countertop offers such versatile functions.

There’s an L-shaped sofa in the living room which comes with a high level of comfort and class.

It is a great tiny house for bolder people.

For more information about this tiny house visit MitchCraft Tiny Homes website.