The Nest Phoenix

Phoenix and a tiny house are the ultimate combination to spend your vacation and The Nest Phoenix has everything you need.

Situated at the Colorado Historic District, The Nest hosts the Dutch tiny houses measuring 24’ with minimalist concepts beautifully translated to the contemporary layout of the architecture on each unit.

The tiny houses are compact enough and fully accommodating for a two-person stay. They have a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and other amenities.

You can make meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no problems. The full-size shower is hosted smartly in the minimum space below the loft and you can even have more storage for your clothes and belongings.

The Nest’s tiny houses aren’t only aesthetically adorable but they also ensure your comfort. The upstairs loft hosts a queen size with a prop-open window.

The downstairs lounge ensures you with a warm and panoramic sunset while you can easily access what you need to enjoy your evening from the kitchen. The outdoor landscape is like a homey backyard except that you can enjoy the hummingbird murals.

With only $75, spending a night in the Nest Phoenix’s tiny house is the best deal for your next vacation.

The Nest offers a unique experience of staying in the adorable tiny house when you decide to visit Phoenix for a vacation or business trip.

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