The Mason Cabin is a Fabulous Tiny House in Ontario

The Mason Cabin is no ordinary cabin to rent from Cabinscape as it’s situated at Ontario‘s Mountain Grove.

With expansive views from inside, you can barely notice the separation between you and the wilderness.

The cabin is exotically settled in the middle of Ontario woods and marshes. You extend your stay with 10-km hiking that’s just next to the cabin.

The Mason Cabin’s interior is simple and emphasizes the views of the outdoors.

It offers some camping experience but you can definitely sleep, eat, relax, and work well inside the cabin.

It has a kitchenette with basic utensils with a cooktop, cutlery, dishes, and refrigerators.

You can explore the countryside while shopping for anything you need for your stay in the cabin.

The main advantage of the Mason cabin is what you can do when staying.

Despite hiking, you can also enjoy canoeing or boating on the lake or simply setting up a picnic on the cabin’s patio. Don’t want to go anywhere, simply enjoy your coffee from the bar.

Overall, Mason Cabin offers a comfortable stay in the wilderness whether it’s in a cold winter or hot summer.

With only $121 a night, you can enjoy a unique living experience in the mountain Groove with your partner or family.

If you want to book a stay, visit the official website.

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