The Margarita Tiny House Is A Piece Of Charm

Ever dreamed of living in a tiny house? You can try that experience in Tiny House Siesta in Florida.

Margarita is a bright yellow tiny house which appears as if it’s a sunflower. It is one of the biggest tiny houses on the resort and has enough space for a group of people.

It has huge windows, an angled ceiling, and a very bright atmosphere.

The house basically screams enjoy life.

It is the perfect tiny home for a holiday. The loft is huge and can be used for the bed and for storing luggage.

Because the ceiling is angled you do not feel like you are in a small space.

The bathroom can be accessed by sliding the barn door.

It has a nice mirror and a sink. This tiny home is perfect for celebrations and holidays.

The bedroom that is downstairs is huge and has bunk size beds. It can house a total of six people comfortably.

This bright yellow Margarita tiny house is a happy place to enjoy certain time away from the world.

It is perfect for a family vacation or a big group of friends.

It will be ample space even for a couple who likes living in a tiny home but with more space than is usually available in tiny homes.

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