The Magnolia Is An Epic Tiny Home!

Today I am going to to share with you one of the most hypnotizing tiny houses on wheels I have ever seen – Magnolia Tiny House.

The home comes with fantastic features and unique designs.

Although it is categorized as the tiny home, it can cater to up to 4-6 people. So, you could bring your family there without being cramped.

The unique style of the house is purposely conducted to accommodate the needs and requirements of the minimalist home owners.

The exterior is distinguished by the perfect combination of two different colors of cedar cladding. At the moment you are seeing the exterior, it will be awesome.

The contemporary floor might be the first thing you will ever notice from this house. The ceiling is white, giving more illusion of spacious room.

The living room comes with jam-packed entertainment that includes the Blu-Ray players.

You can view your TV comfortably when sitting and sleeping on the couch.

There’s also a kitchen in this house which has the good features and functions that won’t fail you.

The white cabinets in its section do match the ceiling and walls.

The white tile adds the design to the space. As a result, you will see that the house is more spacious than you might have ever thought.

There’s a door at the back of the kitchen which leads to the downstairs bedroom.

The ladder leads you to the loft. Below the loft, there’s a functional bathroom.

There’s an installed 40 gallon of hot water tank with additional storage.

At that point, you won’t have any less storage in this house.

Learn more about the Magnolia tiny house by visiting the Minimaliste website.

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