The Helm Shipping Container Tiny Home

The Helm Shipping Container Cabin is one of the most popular vacation rentals that you can see out there in Texas as of now.

This container cabin is made with a combination of two different shipping containers with sizes of 20’ and 40’ respectively.

The interiors of the cabin are well insulated.

Hence, this is an energy-efficient cabin.

There is a standard entry door to the shipping container cabin. You will also be able to find a custom cable railing system on the rooftop deck.

It is lit up with the help of LED lights. These LED lights glow in the dark to provide a great overall experience for the people who spend their time in this cabin.

The bedroom is located upstairs of this cabin.

It has a double bed and a wardrobe. You will have to access the bedroom via a spiral stairway.

Both the kitchen and bathroom are located on the ground level.

You can find a basic kitchen and a bathroom that offers basic facilities.

Since the interior design is perfect, you will fall in love with the time you spend in this container cabin.

Learn more about this shipping container home at CargoHome.

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