The Earth and Sky Palace Is Surprisingly Amazing Inside

The Earth and Sky Palace is a solid and bold tiny house with a minimalist design and antique touch.

It’s a bit orthodox that the tiny house hosts a downstairs loft instead of the elevated one but it has enough space to host a great bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

The Palace’s interior emphasizes the space’s openness with wide windows on its sides. The walls are made from pressed tin that delivers a wallpaper-like and unique look at the same time.

The company uses different types of woods to construct the house that elevates its inside look as well.

The loft and bathroom are located on opposite sides of the house. The rustic bathroom hosts a dual-flush toilet, waterfall edge countertop, and a luxurious showerhead.

You can install either a King or Queen size bed room in the loft area. Between them, you have the kitchen and the wood stove that keep the temperature warm during cold weather.

The contemporary ambiance also contributes to the smooth transitions from one part of the house to another.

Coming with sustainable features, The Earth and Sky Palace is priced at $74,000 when listed.

It’s no longer available but we can still adore it from the pictures.

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