The Dandelion Tiny House by Incredible Tiny Homes

This dandy delight of a tiny home is affordable and creative.

It is built by Incredible Tiny Homes. It measures at 8’ x 28’. This dandy delight has a sleeping area upstairs, 2 sofa beds with a lot of storage space and many other exciting features.

There is also a pet loft in this delightful tiny house, which has a catwalk specifically for cats to walk on.

There is a seating area behind the ladder and a bright and delightful decor.

This Dandelion tiny house has a sliding barn door that separates the bathroom and the kitchen.

It has a greyish blue colour painted on it similar to the colour on the cabinets. This house was built in 2018.

The stairs have storage cabinets under them and a freezer and fridge can be situated under the stairs as well. The laundry room and the bathroom are one and the same.

The washing unit has a cabinet on top of it, which is of a faded blue colour. I loved the shower curtain in the bathroom. It truly compliments the decor of the house.

This Dandelion tiny home is very intimate and minimalistic. You can add a huge bed in this home as it has a lot of open space.

Learn more about this tiny house at Incredible Tiny Homes.

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