The Beach Beauty by Park Model Homes

The Beach Beauty is a classic tiny house with a contemporary design that deserves a medal for its brilliant space management.

Don’t get it wrong, the exterior design and high-contrast principles are well done but the interior would amaze you more. With only 12ft x 34 ft, the Beach Beauty has many things to offer.

The high ceilings play a key role in delivering a spacious atmosphere but it doesn’t just look. The kitchen has amazingly more space than any comparable tiny house.

It has everything you need to cook meals and wash your cutlery utensils.

The incorporated little bar area is just a brilliant feature to have in a tiny house kitchen. The bedroom is situated at the back but a Beach Beauty may have a different layout to each other.

Park Model Homes makes Beach Beauty customizable so you can specify features, decorations, configurations, colors, and other elements.

That’s why we can’t go further discussing the layout as you can imagine.

There are also various features to choose from and add into your own Beach Beauty including appliances, furnishings, functions, storage, plumbing, or AC/heating in their catalog.

You can customize the most comfortable Beach Beauty version for yourself. Park Model Homes would help you to make it feasible.

Contact the company for more information and details about Beach Beauty.

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