The Albatross 28’ by Rewild Homes

Today I will to show you one of the most hypnotizing tiny houses I have ever seen.

It is a 28’ tiny house, 3-bedroom constructed in Nanaimo, Canada by Rewild Homes. It is part of the twin home set shipped to Hawaii.

On arrival of the shipment, the owner is required to connect the different pieces with the covered deck. This way, there is created an outdoor living area.

The master bedroom is on the main floor and has a desk having a keyboard tray, an inbuilt wardrobe along with pocket door to provide privacy.

Locally sourced fir is used for cabinetry and doors fitted throughout the house. There are also two private lofts to serve as storage rooms, home offices, bedrooms, etc.

The kitchen features upper cabinets, granite countertops of 18 linear feet, dishwasher, stove, cooktop, microwave, oven, a refrigerator having a bottom freezer. Also is present a large single bowl sink having a gooseneck faucet.

A large cabinet set is present with its top made from good quality granite. A part of the bar comes with a fold-down table to accommodate 4 people.

The bathroom has a dryer/washer combo and ample storage space below and above, a full-size bathtub composting toilet and a modern sink.

Learn more about this tiny house on Rewild Homes website.

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