Teacup Tiny Homes’ Not So Lonely Wanderer

Not So Lonely Wanderer is a modern-contemporary tiny house with a bright and rustic interior that makes it a bold option for a wanderer who likes a compact space to live.

With still on-wheel constructions, this tiny house has complete elements if you want to move and settle it somewhere.

The kitchen is also adorable with kitchen cabinets, a four-burner-stove top, refrigerator, sink, and extra counters. You can cook all the regular dishes and invite your friends for dinner.

Perhaps, that’s why you’d be lonely here even though you’re a wanderer. The bathroom that hosts a large shower space is next to the kitchen.

The living room is also so spacious with a regular couch and large flat TV on the wall.

The loft is upstairs but the steps are what you want to adore since they also serve as smart storage. Unfortunately, the loft ceiling is too low even though it’s quite inviting and comfy.

You can have a queen size bed in this loft and you can invite the sunlight from the windows.

Not So Lonely Wanderer is undoubtedly a great listing from Teacup Tiny Homes.

If you’re interested in buying the units, you better take a further tour or research the specifications of the tiny houses.

Get more details on their website or simply contact the company.

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