Spacious Tiny House by Mint Tiny Homes

The 30’ tiny house is situated at British Columbia, Canada.

This beautiful home is the creation of Mint Tiny Homes.

If you have been familiar with this company’s work, you may have a thing or two to imagine to build such a house. But this 30’ might be different from the typical creations.

There’s stained glass windows to provide privacy. Then you will notice such beautiful decorations in the bedroom loft. In this case, you can also add your personal touches to accentuate the room.

Moving to the outside of the house, the exterior is very captivating, thanks to the cedar siding, blue metal room, as well as blue trim.

But the focal point lies inside. I am amazed with the Hobbit wood stove, which encourages the fantasy foodie to try their favorite menu as they desire.

The kitchen is also awesome for this tiny house. The wood countertop is large enough to prepare tons of ingredients and special menu for you and your guests.

The propane oven let your creation flows. It also comes with dishwasher.

There’s also the bathroom which comes with a good shower unit and the basic amenities.

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