Modern Tiny House by Hawk Tiny Homes

This tiny house is a very charming tiny home, which is super affordable. Hawk Tiny Homes Inc. designed it.

It is 28 feet and also has a loft where you can sleep. You can also obtain a 32-foot version of this tiny house, which houses a bedroom on the ground floor.

This tiny house appears very modern and has an intriguing shape.

The awning has an arc above the yellow framed doors, which gives it a very unique look.

This tiny house is bound to become an obsession once you look at it. There is barn door, which slides separating the kitchen from the bathroom.

The kitchen has two windows, which bring a lot of light into the space and open shelves.

There is so much space in the kitchen that you can install anything you want in there.

The living room space has a minimalistic vibe with a simple couch and rug. You can also find a space for a microwave, which will be on the kitchen countertop.

The bathroom has a hexagonal window that brings a lot of natural light.

There is a shower and a set of shelves in the bathroom.

The bedroom has windows on both sides of the loft that fill the space with light. It also has an overhead light for reading at night.

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