Marvelous Tiny House by Mint Tiny Homes

Mint Tiny Homes is the one that makes such a beautiful tiny home.

This custom tiny house comes with the rustic appearance despite the concept of the modern interior.

From the outside of the house, you will easily see the traditional cabin style exterior which comes with the rustic ambiance.

It indeed looks tiny on the outside but the moment you go inside, your view will change.

The room is pretty ample for catering to small to mid sized families.

If you are living as a couple, you can also invite a guest or two to stay with you and your family.

In such a tiny room, the designer accentuates the white walls and cabinets to make an illusion of the larger space.

As we know, white color can be a perfect solution to make a room look much bigger.

You can also see the good minimum concept in its wood floors.

The flooring plan makes sure that all of the occupants can move around without any hassle.

The kitchen is ample enough to provide you with the daily delicious meals.

It comes with the full equipped refrigerator, the counters, freestanding range, washer, as well as dryer.

Ones can then find the master bedroom loft above the kitchen.

Across the bedroom loft, you will find the lounging loft wherein you can have a valuable time with your family and guests.

For more information about this tiny home, visit Mint Tiny Homes website.

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