Marvelous and Stylish Tiny House by KJE Tiny Homes

Hello tiny home lovers, please welcome the latest product of KJE Tiny Homes, “The Titan”.

A multi-level two-bedroom home makes the perfect choice for a couple or family that combines modern luxuries with classic style.

Multiple living spaces, a spacious living area, and a stunning gourmet style kitchen that make the most of its tiny space.

The refrigerator is a stunning full-sized stainless steel that is surrounded by multiple cabinets for storage.

Clean lines, classic modern hues, and shiplap that are all over the house bring luxury, style, and functionality come together in a comfortable home that is ideal for long-term small stays.

On the other side of the kitchen counter and sink you will find an added bar that functions as a dining table or workstation.

The small loft bedroom has an individual temperature control unit that makes it comfortable, and the higher ceiling makes it easy to change and stand to stretch out in the morning.

The special tiled floor bathroom adds a classy style that comes equipped with all of your needs (toilet, vanity, and comfortable shower).

The living room comes with modern style and comes to play with high-end fixtures and fittings while the classic lines of wardrobes and walls keep this cozy and welcoming.

It has hardwood floors with a full fireplace with full accent rocks for style and functionality.

The little space under the attic is used for a cute little alcove that can be used for a cat litter box, or even as a storage area for linens, games, or movies.

Learn more about Titan Tiny House by visiting KJE website.

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