Lovely and Trendy Tiny House with Rustic Elements

Today I would like to show you an awesome tiny house.

The Lykke is what you need for a safe and comfortable road trip with your family or close friends. Looking from the outside, it is like a tiny house that you can carry anywhere behind your campers.

But what a surprise on the inside!

It is filled with rustic charm and hidden storages in every corner you could ever imagine. If you like classical and vintage accent interiors, you would surely love the trim and ceiling from blonde wood trim.

The rustic accent is quite strong on the furniture like cabinets, chairs, and even the convertible sofa.

Don’t worry about the interiors, you would find your second favorite place besides your home here. You may think that space would feel so cramped inside, while it is the opposite.

The convertible furniture and other choices of interior design make the tiny space feel so open. Seeing from one end of the tiny house, you could still add lots of additions inside.

The half-second floor bedroom makes it possible to add even more things inside.

The most important thing is the Lykke has a full-fledged bathroom with a shower and a sink. Don’t forget that you will also get an air conditioner and a fridge in your micro kitchen.

For more information about the Lykke, visit Wind River Tiny Homes.

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