Lovely 28’ Chalet Tiny House by Mini Mansions

Mini Mansions comes with another fantasy called Chalet Tiny House.

Not only for frugal folks, this house is really the prevalent choice for people who want to have a simpler life without any distraction.

The house always gives you the laidback experience and sanctuary for you and your fellow fans.

The siding is made of vinyl cedar shake. The roof is metal so that it fortifies the house from rain and winter fall.

Chalet Tiny Home comes with the rooms for improvement.

You can even pick the color for your door.

The layout is similar to its brothers and sisters. If you have been around with Mini Mansions productions, you will be familiar with the layout of the house.

First things first, it is easy to see the couch is on the right side. Then there are steps on the left which take you to the loft for sleeping.

Underneath the house’s loft, there’s a functional kitchen with ample amenities for making your daily meals independently.

I was stunned with the mesmerizing custom shelves in the kitchen. You can see and feel the real industrial look in most parts of the kitchen.

Although there’s no floor space, you can use the remaining sections for the cabinets or shelves for your storage.

The large window is an important component since it makes your bedroom private with a more spacious feeling to see and sense.

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