Live/Work Tiny Home by Tiny Heirloom

Heirloom, is a word bringing in happy memories. Anytime you plan to travel somewhere you can always look for some Tiny Heirloom house to live in.

The concept of working from home has compelled people to transform their traditional home into a functional office.

Live workspaces are a beautiful change. Now that Paty and Diego, the environmental entrepreneurs, are ready to fulfill your dream of having a live workspace, anywhere you go.

You get to enjoy a tiny eco-friendly home. These modern houses are personal units appropriate for any professional endeavor.

The tiny home WorkSpace is a modern house featuring a grass alternative and a rooftop deck. It is a home office that features bamboo wood accents all over the house.

The workspace of the tiny home offers a storage loft, a bedroom loft, and a home office. There is a refrigerator in full size, a 3-burner cooktop in an L-shaped kitchen.

The bedroom loft of this home office from Tiny Heirloom features a skylight and an accent wall.

The bathroom includes modern vanity, rainfall showerhead, a soaking tub, and a shelving unit from floor-to-ceiling.

It is time to say goodbye to rudimentary living areas and to look for live workspace as it is meted out in a way offering a low repairs approach.

Learn more about this tiny house on Tiny Heirloom website.

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