Incredible Tiny House by Mint Tiny Homes

This custom tiny house is a great inspiration for the happy couple who wants to live happily ever after.

Whether you are looking for the perfect escape, vacation place, or the house for your livelihood, this tiny house is the right inspiration for you.

It is built by Mint Tiny Homes and owned by a happy couple Maren Engh and Max Jallifier who spent over $80,000 for the tiny house.

This house is very versatile and energy-saving. Thanks to its powerful solar panels, the house makes the couple very possible to live off-grid and frugally.

The first thing that we were impressed by this house is the contrasts between the interior and exterior of the property.

In the exterior, you will notice the white trim which crosses the dark siding. Meanwhile, the interior is dominantly white pine walls with dark wood ambiances.

Despite the tiny size of the home, it will be large enough for the two to four people who live there. You could even invite your special guests and provide extra beds in the extra rooms.

It has such scenic view surrounding. You can access these views right through the large windows in the house.

The kitchen is full size. You can also find the king sized bedroom loft and second loft for lounge area, or extra space for guests.

Learn more about this amazing tiny home by visiting Mint Tiny Homes website.

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