Impressive Donut Shop by Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom constructed a mobile donut store for its client Jami to travel and sell donuts across the country. There is present a residential section having a bathroom, two lofts and a playroom.

The mobile shop exterior covers an area of 250 sq. ft. and is a wonderful mix of pine siding and cedar. On its corners are provided gradient tongue-and-groove siding and a splash of blue.

The shop has nine windows, along with a casement window of 5.5’ constructed over the serving counter.

The commercial kitchen occupies a space of 125 sq. ft. and boasts of having full-sized industrial appliances.

Also are present stainless-steel wall panels, stainless steel countertops, custom cabinets including beetle-kill accent wall and industrial light fixtures.

A 6’ window was installed in the wall in-between residential and commercial areas for their young son. This way, they can keep a check over their son in the play area continuously while working.

The residential area is provided with pine walls, laminate flooring, kitchenette with a stainless-steel sink, skylight, beetle-kill pine ceilings, under-counter refrigerator and birch countertop.

Also is constructed inbuilt storage space of 50 cu. ft. on a platform to accommodate the young boys’ toys.

There are two windows of 6’ each, lofts being 55 sq. ft. including custom baby gate.

The bathroom of an area of 20 sq. ft. has a floating vanity, toilet and 2’x3’ shower.

Visit Tiny Heirloom website for more information about this tiny house.

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