Fantastic! This Tiny House Has a Surprisingly Soft Design

The Crow is the tiny house trailer built by the company Blackbird that comes with three variants: 20ft, 24ft, and 32ft.

The exterior is a combination of metal and wooden siding, side to side but the interior is even more adorable. Referring to the largest version, it’s already intriguing to imagine how they manage space inside.

The company itself has a strong vision of traveling and simple living which is a good sign for the consumer.

Going inside the Crow, the center of the attraction would be the kitchen. It’s not only full-featured but it has a double sink and an even more spacious counter.

The kitchen itself may take up to 50% of one side’s length while still taking up other space on the other side for a regular refrigerator.

The living room with a small couch is situated next to steps to the loft upstairs that also serves as storage. The bathroom is at the end of the house with a composting toilet, sink, glass wall cabinet, and huge shower space.

The laminated materials make the house super easy to clean.

The Crow has limited space for the loft but you can still get a comfy night’s sleep here and it’s super safe since there’s a separator that would prevent you from accidentally falling.

On the other hand, The Crow is built with energy efficiency in mind, you’ll see!

For more information about this tiny house, you can visit Blackbird Tiny Homes website.

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