Fantastic 28’ Tiny House by Idahomes

This tiny house design was created by Tiny Idahomes. It is mesmerizing and super adorable.

This tiny house is so impressive. This beautiful tiny house is 28 feet long and has an 8 feet electric awning.

The outside walls of the house are painted in a bright blue color and it has a vibrant red door.

There are many windows in this tiny house, which bring ample light to its walls.

You can experience natural sunlight and outdoor view while sitting in your own living room.

Every single place in this tiny house is full of sunlight. You feel as if you are in the open inside this tiny home.

Every corner of this house is filled with light. The kitchen has huge cabinets and offers a lot of storage space.

It has a butcher-block long countertop and a high faucet on the sink; it also has a full size oven with a four burner stove top. Both sides of this tiny house have huge lofts.

You can access the space upstairs through the stairs, which double up as storage space.

The bedroom loft has a low ceiling but is spacious enough.

It also has a skylight on top of the bed.

The second loft can be used as a seating area or you could add a television and make it into an entertainment room.

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