Epona is a Stylish and Trendy Tiny House

In this post I am going to to share a comfy tiny house designed by Tiny House Baluchon.

For those who are fond of simple, minimalist, and de-cluttered living space, this tiny house Epona can make a great choice for you.

Tiny House Epona is a distinctive structure with clean lines and raw wood. But more importantly, it comes with a modern style.

Even though it is tiny, it gives the property a good class. That is proven by its spacious loft bedroom, full bathroom with shower, and classy kitchen.

The small space is used to the max to present you with a classy home that won’t bore you for a long time in the future.

You will be amazed at the moment you touch the two side glass panels door of Epona.

From the moment you enter the space, you will see the simple open space and tall ceilings. It explains why the air ventilation is just so great in such a tiny place.

The living area is another winner here. It provides ample space for your sofa, tables, as well as cabinet.

From there, you can gather around to spend leisure time with your guests and family members.

The window comes with a curtain for privacy. Don’t forget to check the kitchen counter and its bar stools.

Bathrooms come with tons of storage space. Loft space also comes with great features.

You won’t regret checking this house.

Learn more about Epona by visiting Tiny House Baluchon.

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