Dennis’ Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes

Mitchcraft Tiny Homes comes with a great inspiration called Dennis’ Tiny House.

The 24’ tiny house is a bit different from the other tiny houses designs because of its SIPs – structural insulated panels which offer a great insulation for the house.

As we know, the better the insulation system of a house, the more cost and energy effective it would be.

This house also comes with unique accents from the bamboo countertop. The sturdier shell will not only keep the weather warm when the months are colder, but also cooler when the months are hotter.

You might not be able to find the other candidate with such great quality of insulation like this house.

The kitchen is ample. It comes with a sink, fully equipped 4 stoves with an oven beneath it, and plenty of shelves for storing more items.

Besides your countertop, there’s a full size refrigerator with a freezer that allows you to store all of the important ingredients for all seasons.

There’s a stair which leads to a loft where you can use it as the bedroom, or others. From there, you will get the advantage of the aerial view.

From afar, you can see your guests coming over your home. Or, simply, you can see the beautiful views surrounding the house.

Learn more about Dennis’ Tiny House on MitchCraft Tiny Homes website.

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