Davis’ Off-Grid Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes

Are you looking for a beautiful tiny house that lets you and your significant one live off-grid? This house can really be a great inspiration for you two.

The 22-foot tiny house is empowered by the powerful solar panel system and 70-gallon fresh water tank for your supply.

Thanks to the solar panel, you will be saving thousands of dollars per year.

But let’s see more on it.

It comes with the rustic and stylish design. This house offers two entry doors which lead to specific rooms.

The first entry door set gives you access to the kitchen. And the other one will lead to the living room.

There’s a cedar deck which the users will fold up when the house is being towed. The solar light would empower the entire appliances for the house.

It hosts the king sized sleeping loft with a bonus of skylight. Consider sleeping there while counting stars with your lover.

Meanwhile, the living room provides such a comfortable couch which can be turned into a guest bed. Invite your friend over there to have a great night.

The kitchen is full with features such as countertop, shelving, refrigerator, as well as washer and dryer.

There’s a functional bathroom as well.

Learn more about this wonderful tiny house on Mitchcraft Tiny Homes website

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