Custom Loft Edition by Mint Tiny Homes

This custom loft edition is a creation of Mint Tiny Homes. As usual, they have made such a beautiful tiny house which will make the homeowners comfortable and happy to live there for a long time in the future.

Looking at the exterior, it has such a strong rustic feeling because of the cedar. But then, when you go inside, you will notice the contemporary influence which dictates how the flow of the rooms work.

The dark stained wood flooring gives a little bit intimate experience for the occupants.

This tiny house has ample room in the kitchen where you can make almost every dish you’d like to present. It is well-equipped with a cooktop and full size refrigerator.

Moving to the sleeping area, the house presents you with the bedroom loft at each end. The first one is existing up with a stair entrance.

Meanwhile, you can reach the other bedroom with a ladder. The king bed sized spot is ready to present.

You will still have plenty of room for other family members and your guests.

In the end, you will have more people to accompany your joyful time at this home.

I’d give a thumb up to the bathroom presented in this house. It comes with the large soaking tub. So, after the shower, you might want to soak your body and take your “me-time” to refresh and rejuvenate.

Learn more about this tiny house by visiting Mint Tiny Homes website.


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