Cozy and Spacious Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes

The 35’ Gooseneck tiny house is a perfect example of rustic stylish home with ample space to enjoy.

Designed by MitchCraft Tiny Homes for their client, Ross, the house offers the amazing features and fixtures that can make the days.

From the first time you see the house, you will be amazed with the tidy rustic wood finishes.

The exterior of the house is stunning enough to welcome you to come inside the property.

But before going inside, you will want to check the ladder at the back of the house to give you access to the roof.

When you come inside, the room is homey and welcoming. It is because of the installation of the warm woods and vibrant colors used by the builder.

Over the gooseneck, you’ll notice the master bedroom with a bonus skylight and plenty storage.

The skylight allows you to see the clear sky in the day and enjoy the light of the stars in the night.

In the center of the house, there’s a kitchen area with its fantastic functions and features.

The builder provides ample space so that they can install the functional L-shaped butcher block countertop.

Besides preparing the meals, you can steer it clear and use it as the dining table. You will then find a living room next to the kitchen.

It comes with the entertainment center for entertaining all of the occupants in the house.





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