Cornelia is Amazing Tiny House by New Frontier

Cornelia is a New Frontier’s custom tiny house with stunning rustic minimalist architecture.

It’s formerly a guesthouse as well as a library and writing studio. It features the front and side glass walls that would capture your attention as soon as you enter Cornelia.

You can see nature nakedly from inside the house.

The designer has to make difficult decisions to present the current living space in Cornelia. For example, they only feature a sink and limited counter without any stove, fridge, or oven.

The bathroom is only besides this “kitchen” area. Above them, there is a homey loft that you can reach with a wooden ladder next to the living room that hosts a comfy long couch.

It has elevated storage linear with the loft on both sides that appear like bookshelves except they have glass windows.

Something magical occurs when the night comes. The rustic accents of the exterior would get bolder as it shares the sparked light with the interior from the bulbs.

It’s like the tiny house has a different character in night and daylight.

Cornelia is certainly a New Frontier’s masterpiece for people who need a calm atmosphere to grow their creativity or get their jobs done.

Contact New Frontier for more details about Cornelia’s tiny house.

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