Classy Tiny House by Park Model Homes

Park Model Homes provides another beautiful tiny home that resides in the beautiful park. The name of this amazing home is Beach Beauty.

We can easily view the contemporary design of the house from the exterior. It is not striking and bold but indeed great for modern homes.

The side has blue and yellow coloration. Well, it might be a bit of a contrast for the eyes of the beholder, but really gives such a unique character to the house.

It looks tiny on the outside, but when you enter the house, you will regret your first judgement.

It feels and looks a lot more spacious than it looks. Thanks to the high ceilings, it really gives ample space and circulates the air effectively.

Kitchen is awesome with the cabinets that can stock all of the utensils and tools you need. It has such a cool kitchen for foodies and passionate cooks.

There’s a little bar area which is still part of the kitchen.

The windows and doors are designed beautifully. I am pretty sure that you will be stunned by the distinctive ornaments on it.

There are different versions of the Beach Beauty. You can find more information through the official page of the Park Model Homes.

For more information visit Park Model Homes website.

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