Check Out This Marvelous Tiny House by Hideaway Tiny Homes

Hideaway Tiny Homes’s “the Porchlight ” could have been one of the most inviting tiny houses ever to come to the listing.

It’s an on-wheel tiny house with a spacious wooden interior and pleasing exterior appeal that creates a cozy atmosphere both inside and outside the house.

The 288 sq ft house has two elevated lofts so they can manage more space in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

The interior of The Porchlight emphasizes the comfort and warm vibes. Two large skylights and large windows invite the natural light to every corner of the house.

The kitchen can accommodate everything you need to make meals in the house. The wooden walls and floors are well-finished while blending well with the furnishings.

The company keeps minimum paints and stains to preserve the tone of nature.

Two lofts are situated on opposite sides of the house and have different sizes. One loft can suit a single bed while the bigger one may cater to a queen-sized bed and has a closet and storage.

The stair steps to the larger loft also serve as drawing storage. A unit of The Porchlight is priced at $79,900 excluding the shipping cost but includes the basic furnishings that appear in the catalog.

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