Canada Goose by Mint Tiny Homes

The house is as unique as its name, Canada Goose. Situated in Vancouver, it is another fantastic creation of the Mint Tiny Homes.

Let me appraise the all-wood siding with the metal roof. It is definitely a comfortable and convenient house to live in.

The large bedroom inside the house is the true star of this property.

The bedroom loft is accessible by the stair. When you come inside, you will feel homey, thanks to the rustic finishes.

Although the dark wood accents are noticeable, the builder built the white walls for the surprises. These features provide such a spacious look and ample space for storage and other purposes.

The other thing to highlight is the fully functional kitchen which allows you to break the barriers and make every dish you want.

It comes with a complete cooktop, propane oven, electric refrigerator, as well as a good quality sink. The kitchen cabinets are also deep so that you can store more items there.

The barn door is made of reclaimed wood. You won’t see such beautiful motives anywhere else. This door also leads you to such a soothing bathroom.

Over the gooseneck, there’s a master bedroom. Below the full sized loft, there’s a living room which is also spacious enough for a small group.

Learn more this tiny house on Mint Tiny Homes website.

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