Breathtaking Tiny House by Wheelhaus

Light-Haus’ tiny home is made by Wheelhaus. The Wheelhaus has been popular with their amazing dwelling.

The company has hundreds of portfolios to enjoy. But I am going to discuss Light-Haus in this post.

As you see it for the first time, you will see a lot of large glass windows and doors which let the light come in. This design is also great for the circulation and illusion of spacious areas.

The exterior of the house is not disappointing. It has such a rustic look due to the right placement of the siding and modern shed roof.

The large windows let the light enter to showcase the spacious ambiance.

There is a bedroom on the far end of the house. The interior has tons of features from the high quality cabinetry, Glass shower, and so on.

There’s also a large deck featured by the experts. The addition of the large deck is a great decision since it expands the living space.

On the side of the house, you can notice the ample space outdoors. There’s a large awning as well which can protect the dwellers from the direct sunlight. With enough shades, you can set up a BBQ or gathering party with your family.

Visit the official page for the Light-Haus here on Wheelhaus’s website.

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