Awesome Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes

This beautiful tiny home is owned by great owners Eric and Oliver.

It is literally housed in a trailer. The gooseneck tiny house is situated firmly over the wheels, providing such a comfortable place for all of the occupants.

Despite it being categorized as a tiny house, you will rarely agree as you come inside the house. Surprisingly, it has such a spacious interior with two different living spaces.

The spacious interior of the house offers the two living spaces so that the owners of the house can be creative with their activities and won’t bother.

It is a great idea if your family has more than one activity to hold. There’s also a bedroom loft which is comfortable for deep sleep and napping.

The cedar siding is the main characteristic of the house. But the flooring is made of cherry, which provides such a distinctive appearance.

I am amazed with the kitchen because it is situated nicely at the center of the home. The L-shaped block counter can be folded to provide ampler space when not used.

There’s also a full size refrigerator to make sure everything is catered.

There is a reading nook below the bedroom loft as well. At the end of the nook, there’s a functional fireplace.

Find out more information about Eric & Oliver’s Tiny House on MitchCraft Tiny Homes website.

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