28′ Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes

The 28’ gooseneck tiny house by MitchCraft Tiny Homes has such amazing features and amenities to offer.

The first thing which I’d like to highlight at this house is the distinctive wood finishes that provide such great comfort and homey feeling for the homeowners.

There are three finishes at the exterior which make the house more relevant including the green siding through the mid part of the house, metal at the bottom, as well as the beautiful shingles through the top of the house.

The interior? Superb! This tiny house surprisingly offers storage which the users can use to store everything.

The storage is almost everywhere from the staircase, living room, bedroom, as well as kitchen.

Above the gooseneck, there’s a living room which offers space for all of the occupants.

There’s an L-shaped block counter which you can fold when not used in the kitchen.

I am giving a vouch to the kitchen since it offers everything you need to make a perfect dining menu for the party.

There’s a storage stairs which sends you to the bedroom loft.

Below it, there’s a bathroom with a full size bathtub. In such a tiny house, you will still have the chance to have a spa experience in your bathroom.

Find out more information about Carrie’s 28′ Gooseneck Tiny House, please contact Mitchcraft Tiny Homes.