26 Foot Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes

The 26 foot tiny house is installed on the wheels. It is designed and built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes for their client, Laura.

The house offers two entry doors which provide access to different rooms.

The first one will lead the users to the kitchen. Then the other one is for the mud room access.

Kitchen comes with the amenities you need to cater for all foodies all day.

There are butcher block counters that are versatile.

You will find the master bedroom loft over the kitchen.

For the book lovers, the bedroom loft will become your sanctuary because of its drawers.

The dresser gives privacy for all occupants.

The main living area is very spacious so that you can hold various occasions and functions there.

The room is enough for conducting the dinner, party, BBQ party, entertainment, and so on.

There’s a bathroom in the corner with the fiberglass shower and composting toilet.

The mud room comes with multiple compartments for categorizing the goods.

You can hang your favorite clothes there, making it easier to browse the collections to determine one you will wear on several occasions.

There’s a storage loft above the mud room which you can use as the storage room, or bedroom if there’s someone sleeping over.

All in all, this house offers plenty of space for you to get creative.

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