26′ Napa Edition by Mint Tiny Homes

Are you looking for custom 26’ tiny home inspiration? Take a look at this 26’ Napa Edition built by Mint Tiny Homes and you will get every inspiration you need.

Looking at this house from the outside, you will be stunned with its distinctive exterior.

There’s a focal point from the light grey exterior crossed with the white trim. Meanwhile, the interior is pretty contrasty compared to the exterior.

The designer in Mint Tiny Homes used the white walls to give such a spacious look.

In addition, the flooring is made of dark wood. The same thing applies to the ceiling and trim, making it a comfortable and fantastic sanctuary to live in.

The builder uses the French doors to give a more comfortable look and feel. The moment you enter the house, you will quickly notice the comfortable living room with couch and ample storage. You can do pretty much everything there with your family and lover.

Unlike the other tiny houses, it offers such a large kitchen with ample features including appliances, shelves, and the functional sink. The storage will lead you to the bedroom loft for a good night sleeping and privacy.

Bathroom is below the bedroom loft. It also comes with complete amenities.

Learn more about this tiny house by visiting Mint Tiny Homes website.

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